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The Shock Doctrine

November 22, 2009

The Shock Doctrine

Currently in my reading list is this new book I found in a book store in Bloomington by accident.  It’s called The Shock Doctrine b a popular journalist I read once in college.  I picked it up because the cover was interesting (my first impression) and I opened it up to the first chapter and right there on the first page was a popular quote from the book 1984.  Being one of my favorite books, I was sold on the nonfiction quality of a book that would discuss how today’s world is consumed with “Big Brother” antics.  (As I’ve tried to argue before).

So I started reading away; and the book has completely sucked me in.  It follows every argument I’ve ever made about “shocking” a country or economy to create an favorable economic capitalist society to benefit the higher-level members.  For example–and only because this is the most recent–the journalist describes the Bush administrations actions right after 9/11.  The War on Terror had been planned long before the attack on the WTC, and the Bush administration used it as a catalyst to obtain what Bush really wanted, oil.

That’s her claim.  The War on Terror simply exists for economic advancement, and we didn’t see it at first because we were in a complete state of “shock” after over 2,000 people died at the hands of terrorists.  The claim is further substantiated by the fact that the Bush administration didn’t go after the culprits that we were certain actually attacked us.  We were in Afghanistan for literally no time at all…and while there are still troops there, we heard nothing about progress in Afghanistan, but Iraq.

Although these views are not my own, Naomi Klein really got me thinking about how countries manipulate and persuade it’s main politicians and sweeps through the country with violence and terror until there is either no one left to rebuttal, or they are all too scared to do so.

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