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Feminism at it’s finest…

November 27, 2009

Reebok \”Shoes that Tone your Butt\” commercial

I find it absolutely hilarious that every day women complain to their best friends about men treating them like sex objects; as if they are made of some sort of candy only men can enjoy.  Their descriptions of their treatment is warranted, however I doubt these men can be blamed for treating women this way, especially when they are berated with commercials like this one every day.

In case you haven’t seen this commercial, it’s a shoe that when worn, tones your thighs and rear-end.  Unfortunately; the commercial is shot in which a woman is drawing on a dry-erase board, but the camera man can’t focus on what she’s describing, because he’s too busy filming her ass.  The second spot commercial involves a woman’s breasts complaining that the rear-end is now receiving all the looks and attention, and the only thing you see in the 30 second spot is a woman’s well filled bra with voice-overs. Ridiculous.

Our society allows the ill-treatment of women every day, not because we think it’s right, but I really think we jut don’t know how to act otherwise.  The whole idea that Reebok even thought this was a good idea sickens me to no end. I’m sure there has to be at least one woman staff member who was completely opposed and offended by the atrocity this commercial entails.

How can we say we are a country that treats every person equally regardless of race or origin, when we obviously reject the majority of our population. We can’t say we’ve grown at all when the glass ceiling still exists, and when Reebok can make commercials that objectify women for the benefit of shoes.

Until women can stop letting things like this happen, well then I guess we can’t complain when men don’t respond the way we’d like them to.  They really just don’t know any better do they?

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  1. December 9, 2009 10:37 am

    Oh man, when I first saw the commercial with the women’s breasts talking to other I about fell off the couch! I was disgusted! Not only is it a blatant objectification of women, it’s so grossly inappropriate I cannot believe it’s allowed to be on tv! My first thought was of the children and pre-teens watching it … not only is it overtly sexual (that woman has an amazing rack … haha), it’s yet another false sense of what women look like.

    I did my B.A. concentration in gender studies and have read so many books on these subjects … I notice things like this all the time. For a culture who is supposed to be so “advanced” and progressive with women’s rights, we sure do love to resort back to old, bad habits.

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