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Earthquake to Develop Klein’s Theory on Disaster Capitalism?

January 13, 2010

As I watched in horror at demolished Port Au Prince, I instantly remembered something I’d read earlier this year, Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. She discusses the tsunami in 2004 and the political reaction to the disaster in those countries affected.  Specifically, much of the aid that was given to those countries was often used to fund hotels and resorts along beaches, where many indigenous fishers once lived.

The fishermen whose homes were destroyed by the tsunami currently live in shanty towns, which like the FEMA housing during Katrina, were only meant to be temporary.  Furthermore, the tsunami received more aid money than any disaster preceding it.

So, as I sit and read all the updates from news sites, and see tweets for aid money pouring into my TweetDeck; I can’t help but ask if this disaster will also receive more aid money than the tsunami, and if those affected will actually get that aid, or if in a few years we will see Haiti as the new place to vacation.

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