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Indiana’s Education system

January 20, 2010

This is from an e-mail I wrote just now to my boyfriend, a teacher at an Indiana school in response to this article:

Well, if this news article has anything to say for you, I’d say it sounds like they need to hire someone with a teaching license to do your job instead.  You don’t have a teaching degree, so you lose nothing according to their rules of how bad teachers are managed.  It also doesn’t mention anything about the actions or motives of the students.  What do the students think of this? Especially for teachers in urban areas, you can’t teach students who don’t want to be taught.  I think it’s ridiculous to focus whether or not a teacher keeps their jobs based on the scores for a stupid test.  This furthers my thoughts that schools don’t teach children at all, they are meant simply to teach them to do well on a test.  I learned best and more in classes that required no tests at all…

Furthermore,  this new “proposal that’s so awesome” is really just going to further the gap between the lowest students and the highest, only now they have teachers to join them.
There will be a decrease in urban schools teachers, and all of them will become privatized and chartered to keep running…..

This proposal is a disaster, our government is foolish, and they will see it in a few years when Indiana drops further into the dumbest states in America..

Brain drain? Our students won’t find a job anywhere in the country, they’ll be too dumb to do so…. Fantastic…

The year after I graduated high school, the school board voted to eliminate some of the AP classes and focus more on individuals who were lagging behind.  This came as a direct result to Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” act, which prevented others from succeeding. I’m pretty sure just knocking everyone down to the lowest denominator does not create a situation for a better economy and country.  I agree that everyone should be entitled to the same level of education, but at the cost of those who choose to do more and excel is completely ridiculous.

This article angered me because of it’s limitations on education, let’s knock down the teachers too…

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