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Toyota’s Recall

January 29, 2010

Was the recall by Toyota a good PR move? Probably so.  Is the gas pedal malfunction a real and present danger? This has yet to be proven.  Just google “Gas pedal sticks,” and you’ll get many suggested search results for not only Toyota, but Mazda and Ford alike.  These companies haven’t recalled any of their vehicles.  Sadly, Toyota’s reputation will be tarnished for quite a while until the press room gets it all figured out and yet what can they really do?  Recall the vehicles, try to fix the pedals, replace the floor mats, and send the owners on their way.

It’s a good move for the individuals at Toyota to recall the vehicles. Showing they care and accepting the issue is the first step of PR stability.  Everyone remembers the Ford/Firestone disaster, and given the incredible reputation of Toyota, the first thing they should do is admit there’s a problem.

And while the results have yet to be seen, and this could cost them quite a few million/billion results, I’m anxious to see the steps they take in the near future to correct the problem.

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