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How To Be A Better Writer–My Journey in the Blogosphere

April 6, 2010

When I set out to start a blog, it was because I’d read a book that made me so angry, I had the screaming urge to tell someone about it.  I sat down at my computer, rubbed my hands together–sans creepy Mr. Burns, and began to write.  I started with a simple post.  I had no title, no theme, nothing to distinguish my blog from the rest.  Since that day, I have yet to find a title or a theme.

My writing samples are all from college, since I haven’t really had an public relations experience like my dreamy eyes had hoped would be waiting for me when I graduated.  Instead, I paid the bills waiting tables in a college bar. Yes! This is what my parents always hoped would come from the $40,000 in tuition I paid to IU.  I cried and whimpered at my lack of experience, always complaining to everyone about the catch 22 of needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to get experience. “How will I ever get practice if I don’t do anything PR?”

Then, on the way back from the gym, it suddenly hit me! I do practice writing, all the time! (Not counting the endless cover letters–there must be a thousand.)  The simplest way for me to practice writing is to just write. I need to write something, it’s much better than nothing at all. My writing samples will not ever improve if I don’t ever write.   I’m just me, and I didn’t go to college to instruct the masses with my witty banter. I was in JOURNALISM school.  I have a bad habit of writing with big words and long sentences.  That’s not what I was taught. Where did that come from?! Short, concise, and to the point is the most effective form of communication, especially in journalism.

Point of the story is, the blog doesn’t have to have a theme. It just has to say something, in simple, concise and short terms.  Whether I’m talking about politics, natural disasters, Tiger Woods and his fifty mistresses, or the health care bill, really it all falls back to simplicity, and practice.

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