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“What if I Didn’t Come From a Famous Family?”

April 8, 2010

I don’t know Bristol. What would happen if you didn’t come from a famous family?  If you haven’t seen this video, please watch it.  Or, I can just tell you the basic storyline is, “Don’t have sex, because if you’re not me, your life will completely suck.”  Well, thank you Bristol, for completely making me feel as thought I would make an inadequate mother because I wasn’t blessed with parents who make six figures a year and pay for all my opportunities.

Particularly, the part that irritates me the most is that this segment is sponsored by Candie’s. Has anyone ever seen a Candie’s advertisement?  Almost 100 percent of the time, those advertisements say, “sexual innuendo”.

This isn't sexual at all!

Teen mothers and teens subject to pre-martial sex need support, not another teenager telling them “No”.  They get enough of that from their parents, and from personal experience, teens are much more likely to do what you tell them they shouldn’t.  The best solution is to give them someone they can relate to in difficult situations. This commercial could have been more effective if it included a normal teenager who’s parents are middle class, not an upper middle class brat who is getting ready to open her own business and have a couple thousand in child support each month.

Kids just shouldn’t be having children, this fact is certain and I would guarantee that anyone will agree with me.

In a two-for-one post, I also read that a mother hacked into her son’s Facebook account and wrote some things the son considered slanderous.  First of all, the fact that a mother would do such a thing to her own child made me question her age.  When I discovered the woman was well over 13, I laughed.  Who are these people and where do they come from?  Why are they having children?  What kind of mother gets mad at her son for being out too late, or breaking curfew and decides the most mature and responsible decision is to log into Facebook and write nasty things?  There seems to be this point that adults are suddenly stuck in this age that isn’t above a high school level.  When did we decide that this an acceptable form of behavior?  Why didn’t the mother just sit down and discuss the matter with him?  Furthermore, the song doesn’t even live with his mother, he lives with his grandparents.

That explains everything.  Why would she call her mother and tell her she’s worried about her son’s posts on Facebook?  America needs to grow up.  That being said, Kids shouldn’t be having kids. This mother has decided to remain in the immature state most of us grow out of hopefully by our college years.  Like a child. It’s nearly morally reprehensible that this woman was allowed to have children in the first place.

The moral of the story?  We all need to grow up! We need to stop acting like children! Kids shouldn’t be having children.

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