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Facebook and Your Privacy

May 21, 2010

Property of Facebook

Everyone is worried about their personal privacy on Facebook.  The recent changes to Facebook’s privacy settings have created such a stir, it’s even prompted sites like to ask, “What Would it Take For You To Quit Facebook.” This was spawned after a partner site, Valleywag, released that Facebook had secretly sold private information to advertisers.

My real issue here is that people don’t seem to understand that nothing they post online is ever private. There is always a back door where information can be accessed, whether you choose certain privacy settings or not.  If you don’t want someone else to see it, don’t post it online.  It’s a simple rule I think many young people forget, because social networking has been exclusively online through the newest generation.

I’m really tired of reading the endless stories of how Facebook is completely smashing the privacy wall, and that users are so upset about recent changes.  Facebook is a business, just like any other. It will do what it can to bring in the most money possible.  This is a capitalist society.  We shouldn’t be surprised.

If you’re worried about Facebook safety; here are some links to websites that will guide you along the way, including a scanner that will test your privacy on Facebook.

Reclaim— This site will scan your privacy settings, and tell you how secure they are.

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Mashable’s 5 essential Facebook Privacy Tips

But remember, the only way to protect yourself completely–and the moral of the story–Don’t post it online if you don’t want anyone to see it. It’s that simple.

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