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Social Media and the New Millenium

July 30, 2010

I never thought the day would come when I’d be asked by my boss to review a blog that discussed nothing but Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  After spending many weeks of my life being tormented (all in good fun) for tweeting constantly, my obsession with posting everything I like about the world is finally acceptable.

While this is not a new development by any means, it is a new development for me. The perfect example happened today.  I work closely with a very busy publicist, who doesn’t have time to sit and update me on her campaigns involving my clients. So I’ve taken to reading her Twitter account for her company. This has actually really helped me (sans reading the weekly reports) get short, concise developments on the campaigns I really want to know about.  Today, I read her posts around 4:30, and discovered one of my clients is on MSNBC tonight with Keith Olbermann! I immediately shared with my superiors, because it’s common practice to share good news about a client getting a large media hit. My email went something like:

“Look what they just posted!! I can’t believe she didn’t tell me! This is amazing!  (Yes I was on Twitter during the workday, and I’m sorry!)”

I get a response email from my direct superior, who says, “You should be checking! She’s busy and this will definitely help us keep on top of the campaigns.”

My very first thought was, “Oh, did my boss just tell me it was okay to read Twitter for this company during work hours? Did Twitter just become part of my daily checklist? HECK YEA!”

That would have never happened in my old position. Checking Facebook and Twitter would have landed me with a low employee evaluation! But now, it’s completely acceptable.  To top it off, my boss encourages that we share news articles, blogs, training sessions, seminars and other joyous social media information to help train and inform our staff.  It’s invigorating!

Seconds before, I got an email from the same superior, instructing me to review, read and study a blog my best friend, Courtney (also my co-worker YAY) found called “Social Media Examiner” which details everything any company would want to know about social media, return on investment for social media, and how to create the perfect blog post in fifteen minutes.

JOY, utter JOY I tell you.

Leading into my next example, I should mention that the person most likely to make fun of me for tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging, would have been my boyfriend. While all in good fun, I kept telling him that social media would really help his company, Copy Paste Productions, really get off the ground.

At first, he was skeptical.  But, he was receptive to new ideas to easily update his Copy Paste accounts with one interface. I showed him how Tweet Deck worked for Twitter and Facebook. Then I recommended HootSuite, which is even better and can manage more than just Facebook and Twitter.  He became elated that updating the public (aka his admirable followers) was as simple as that.

Then came the contest.  He entered a contest for the best videographer in Indianapolis, and after posting subsequent posts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and his website, he went from not being in the contest at all to #1. In four hours.

It turned him from complete social media skeptic, to avid believer.  He told everyone he knew how beneficial my suggestions were, and how social media was really the way to go for the future.

Nothing feels better than sharing great news.

But more importantly; as stressful and overwhelming as I may think my job is, being able to use and share social media experiences with my co-workers is wonderful. I really enjoy my job, and I’m genuinely happy I’ve found something I have a niche for!  I’ve learned to experience new situations, deal with adulthood, and really grow as a an employee, and as a person. Today’s moral of the story is about my own life. Not everything you say is ridiculous, sometimes that ridiculousness will surprise yourself, and other people.

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  1. July 30, 2010 8:02 pm

    I’m glad to hear that checking Twitter during business hours worked out for you. I am very interested in social media and the impact that it has on our culture, the way we think, and what we buy. I think that the 21st century should be dubbed ‘The Twitter Age’.

    • July 30, 2010 8:13 pm

      I completely agree about calling this decade “The Twitter Age”. With friends who live in New York, sometimes I find out news quicker from those who live there (via Twitter) than CNN! I think it’s impressive that a simple fad online has turned into a way to monitor a brand or company’s media attention.

      I always think back to companies like Southwestern (the airline) that have a staff to monitor social media 24/7. If I flew on a flight with Southwestern, had a bad experience, and posted to Twitter about it, it’s likely I would receive a response in less than a day asking me about my experience and offering a solution to make me feel more comfortable with the brand.

      It’s a completely revolutionary, and important idea to today’s culture. I’m interested to see where social media takes us and the effects it will have on business and our culture.

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