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The Explanation Behind Sickly Brittani

January 16, 2011

For the longest time (mainly just this past year) I’ve been completely unable to understand or explain why I’ve been sicker than any other time in my life. I barely catch any sort of bug, cold, or infection aside from the seasonal allergies I experience, and I’ve considered myself very lucky.  However, this past year (and still to this day) has marked the sickest year in my life. I can’t seem to stay well. I’m constantly battling any thing you could possibly imagine.  I have never had the flu, until this year. Always just the 24 hour bug.  I’ve gotten numerous colds, sore throats, and body aches that leave me staring into space for hours, completely catatonic. 

It’s confused me, and frankly made me very angry, that I couldn’t find a reason or solution to the problem. But just last night, I spoke with a good friend, who alleviated and answered the year-old question of “Why can’t Brittani just be well?”

1) Jesse works in a school.  I’ve always considered this as my answer, but I would consider my immune system relatively strong, being that I live a relatively healthy lifestyle, and usually I NEVER get sick.

2) Jesse has worked in a school for a while, making him completely immune to the germ-infested teenagers who never wash their hands and are constantly …. germy.

I know these explanations are obvious, I came to them too, but Jesse and I just starting living together. I thought for certain I was doomed for the rest of my life, until my friend told me her husband suffered the same plight the year they moved in together. She explained that he caught every bug imaginable and felt like he had no immune system whatsoever. She said that for that first year, she felt horrible, because she wasn’t sick at all.  He was no match for the germs and disgusting petri-dish atmosphere that she was bringing home every day.  He was always sick.

I just moved in with Jesse, and although it’s been less than a year, I’m hoping my immune system is just gearing itself up for a better year this year. Because right now, I feel like absolute trash.  I’ve been sick since Friday, and I just can’t feel better. I’ve had gallons of water and Vitamin C and have left myself reading most of the weekend on a cozy couch.  Hopefully, the moral behind this story is that there’s a brighter, less sick future ahead, and I must be optimistic…

Please, please, let me feel better for work tomorrow!!!

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  1. Megan L permalink
    January 16, 2011 5:40 pm

    You may also consider the room you’re working in for 8-9 hours a day. I didn’t start getting really sick until I started working in the dungeon at ASI. Just a thought!

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