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Food Shortage? Not here!

January 26, 2011

Lately, I’ve been keeping tabs on the amount of leftover food I’m throwing away. It seems that Jesse and I are always throwing away enough food that could at least feed us for a day. We just don’t get to it in time. The biggest problem is shopping.

Potatoes a great example. I can’t keep potatoes. If I buy them, I must make them immediately and eat the leftovers within two days.  A sack of potatoes doesn’t last even a week or two in my house before it goes bad.  When shopping, I always choose smaller portions of things, but they just don’t seem to be small enough.

Maybe we’re picky, and just hate eating the same food everyday, or maybe my love for cooking overrides the idea that wasting food is bad.  I’d really like some tips or tricks about how to resolve this, because I am not a fan of throwing money in the trash can.  There are starving children in Africa, and here I am, not being able to eat the food I have. There is something very wrong with this picture!


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  1. Sandy permalink
    January 26, 2011 12:20 pm

    So, I’ve had the same problem for some time. While I haven’t perfected it, I’ve got a few tricks. I buy a lot of frozen food, or buy fresh and then freeze–meat, veggies, pizza, even garlic or onions. I refrigerate almost everything else, like bread and leftovers. You have to determine what your staple foods are, or staple meals. Mine are spinach, shredded cheese, lunchmeat, bread, frozen chicken breasts, OJ, and milk.

    You always use what’s in your fridge first, even if it’s combining with a boxed product (Nick grills chicken breast and cuts it up to combine with a chinese rice bowl). You can always thaw bags of frozen veggies or freeze what you don’t eat. Lately I’ve made homemade pizza dough and freeze individual dough balls for use later– throw some random stuff and cheese on there and there’s a fresh, healthy, cheap meal!

    Also, the sad fact I had to face recently was that it’s just better to buy less but more often, so that you get the freshest stuff and don’t waste food. I’m so lazy when it comes to shopping! Also, I will eat stuff that is on the verge of spoiling (I’m THAT person, ha).

    Good luck!

  2. cas permalink
    January 26, 2011 12:48 pm

    this won’t solve all of your problems, but here’s what i do about the potatoe debacle… if i purchase a 2 or 3 lb sack, i just make sure to split it between two meals that week. i try to mix it up… for instance, i’ll use half of the sack to make mashed potatoes as a side to chicken breasts. then, i’ll throw the other half in with a roast, or pan fry to go with eggs. if i know i won’t use an entire sack, i just purchase a few baked potatoes.

    how’s that?! 😉

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