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Holy App! and Bristol’s memoir

February 8, 2011

I have failed my avid readers. All two of you.  I just haven’t had the kind of time or patience to sit and write a funny or serious post about some celebrity gossip or PR nightmare. But, as I sat today reading over my syndicated news, (full of celebrity gossip and social media love) I came across quite a few gems.

A long time ago, I wrote about Bristol’s Candie’s ads, and how ridiculous it was for a teen mom to preach to other kids about abstinence, but…. this just takes the cake.  Bristol is coming out with a memoir! Yes! Just what I need to add to my spring reading.  If anyone can explain to me the obsession with Bristol and why anyone would care that she’s coming out with a memoir, please enlighten me.  I’m not sure I will ever ‘get it’.  And, as the link I’ve shared fully describes, the book can’t have any sort of plot or real story to it… can it?

I’ve witnessed teen motherhood first-hand (not me, my littlest sister) and I can say it’s probably no walk in the park.  It certainly didn’t appear that way to me. But how does Bristol differ from any other teen moms in America? Wouldn’t I relate better to someone I actually know, than a faux-celebrity who teaches hypocritical ideas to teens? (Don’t get pregnant like I did). At the risk of offending others, I have to say that I’ve never learned a thing from other people’s mistakes as much as my own.  I certainly don’t want to get into my personal thoughts of sexual education in schools, but abstinence just doesn’t work.

Even better, I found a great article on applications for the iPhone, specifically this one that supposedly ‘helps people through their confessions.’  Of course, the reverends (aren’t they called priests in Catholicism) who created the app say it shouldn’t replace ‘real confessions’ in the presence of a priest, but instead offer a “personalized examination of conscience for each user”.

And wouldn’t ya know, one of those Reverends/Priests was from Indiana!!

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