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Back from the Dead

July 30, 2011

Obviously not me. But this guy shouldn't be blogging, either.

Yeah, I know. It’s been probably a few months since I’ve last updated this blog, but as my good friend Courtney knows (and I know), it’s never good to blog when you’re angry,  or in a complete complaint mood. But, I will update you on a few things that have happened that have contributed to significant changes in my life:

  • My long-time live-in boyfriend dumped me. (I will not talk about this publicly, so don’t ask me about it.)
  • I broke my toe, kicking a coffee table while running to the bathroom. #I’mahugeclutz.
  • I had to move, and find a roommate. I couldn’t find anyone looking for a roommate (except for one after I actually found my roommate), so I started with Craigslist. It was the scariest experience of my life, but led me to Jenny, who has turned out to be better than anything I’d ever expected, as well as a great friend and TV buddy. She’s totally rad.
  • I had to do everything associated with moving. The packing, the living in the empty apartment, the forwarding of your address, the finding every last living person who HAD your address,  the new cell phone number, the ACT of moving with a broken toe… (you get the idea).
  • I found out I have phenomenal co-workers. Every last one of them offered to help in any way they could, bought me lunches, got me drunk, and spent hours of time with me while I sobbed in that empty apartment. (Also, special thanks to Natalie Bruce who although is no-longer my co-worker, stepped up considerably, and even offered me a place to live for a couple of weeks.)
  • I have to move, AGAIN. (Yes further explanation below, promise.)
  • I found something super special in a very unlikely place, which had existed much longer in that unlikely place then I’d even realized. (THIS one is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time) If you’re lucky enough to be close to me, you’ll know what this super special thing is and why it’s unlikely.

Definitely a lot to happen to one person in a month. But, it could have certainly been worse and retrospectively, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad at all. It was necessary evils that led me to the extraordinary place I am today.

Now, why do I have to move again, you ask? Well, my super cool roommate has a super cool dog (who at times is a little crazy, but I love her all the same).  That dog moved here with her when she changed apartments. She thought some of her neighbors may have been trying to break in, so she moved to where we are now.  But now that we’re trying to renew, suddenly her black lab has become a weight issue and we can’t seem to reach a compromise with the office. Never mind that they knew originally just how large her dog was. (Conversation I simply will not win.)

So I have to move, less than two weeks later. But, we are going to move to a new place together, since we get along so well. So… that’s the good news. Not so bad. I have to pack everything again and move again, which is way less worse than what I’ve been going through this July. I’ll have to admit, it came pretty easily to find the roommate, the new place, and I struck a lucky chord many times in the past month, so the end is near. I feel it.  Moral of this story, stay positive. It all works out in the end. And knock on wood before you think it’s over.  There will a curve ball come.

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