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The Month that Lasted a Week

November 26, 2011

Me dressed as a kindergarten Native American

The one thing I’ve learned about being a publicist is that your job has its slow months, and really busy months. Sometimes, you space out campaigns just enough that you can focus solely on a few and do really well, and other days they’re all running at once and you feel like pulling your hair out. This month, is one of those months. I’ve also not been in the office more than 3 days a week this entire month. Not that I’m upset about that, but it definitely means lots of late days and early mornings in the office. (And no new blogs for you wonderfully dedicated readers.)  First it was the Skrillex concert, then the Miami Book Fair, then Thanksgiving, and then it’s December. I loved every minute I took off work and worked out of the office – but it’s left me with a feeling that I just can’t catch up.

Last weekend (before Thanksgiving) I attended the Miami Book Fair for work. I was actually very nervous about the whole experience, but it turned out to be a fantastic time. The fair ran from November 13-19 (or the 18th), and we worked a gallery, a few signing booths, a bookstore, and a corporate booth for lead generation. I’d been told it was an insane workday, but I wasn’t deterred at all. It was actually wonderful, even the Friday that it rained all day and I left soaked and freezing. How can you be mad when you’re staring at palm trees, listening to live music, and enjoying 80 degree weather?

I’m very happy to be home, however, and don’t plan to leave for a while. I’ve nearly forgotten what my roommates face looked like.

In other news, a friend of mine has returned to our office as a new social media publicist, and I’m very excited because that means I’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of her from now on. It’s so easy to lose touch with friends when you don’t work together any longer, live in different cities, and live completely different lives. I’ve always loved her so much, and our friendship, and we’ve had great memories, but I won’t lie when I say I was very sad when she left.  But she’s BACK!

Last in my life updates is the amount of weight I’ve lost. Yes, weight. I have lost over 20 lbs, meaning that I am back to my original weight. My doctor may or may have not told me I was perfect, in BMI and weight management. Yes, perfect. That statement completely made my day and left me feeling so wonderful. (As well as trying on those jeans shrunk twice in a dryer that now fit perfectly with  no struggle.)

Seems things are really looking up for me after looking down.


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