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Showers and Parking (They Totally Go Together)

December 13, 2011

What would you do if you were showering, enjoying the hot water, washing shampoo out of your long hair, and then all of a sudden….. WHAM! Cold. All the way cold. Polar bear cold.

What a cold shower looks like

Well that’s what I’ve been dealing with for the past month now. It’s only gotten worse. It’s not even hot in the beginning anymore. No, no one is using hot water, no one has used it all day, and no, my roommate isn’t also showering. I turn the hot water all the way to the left, no cold water and enjoy my mildly warm (like your indoor swimming pool warm) shower.

There is no explanation that I can think of. But after I attempted to wash the conditioner out of my hair in the Arctic Sea this evening, I decided I have had enough. It’s ridiculous. The apartment complex office will have a hey day with me when I walk in and refuse to leave them alone until they fix something to keep this from happening. I may even pose the question above to the nice woman who has waist-length hair. I’m sure she would feel my pain.

It’s only my shower. My roommate doesn’t have quite an issue, but if I’m going to pay for two bathrooms, well then I’m going to have two bathrooms.

I also had a fine visit to IUPUI today, to talk to Dan Drew about possibly attending graduate school for a Masters in PR. We had a long talk in which I discovered he’s also Beth Wood’s husband. If you don’t know Beth Wood, she was without a doubt one of my favorite teachers. (I only have two favorites.)

I had nearly forgotten about it, until I was getting ready to leave for work and remembered that I had no more than 30 minutes to get downtown and find parking. I rushed out the door and on my way, only to have my GPS send me a completely backward, nowhere near where I was trying to go direction. I was so far away from IUPUI that I ended up being more late than I originally intended. When I finally found parking in a metered lot, I put the only two quarters I had left in the meter. As I was sprinting away, I realized that the quarters probably didn’t go in as easily as they should have, but I kept sprinting my way to Mr. Drew’s office. After a wonderful conversation, I rush back outside to make sure I don’t have a parking ticket, and there is a truck parked directly behind my car with yellow flashing lights.

The sprinting begins, again.

I sprint over and when I arrive, breathy and hyperventilating, I throw my things on the trunk of the car and shout, “I’m sorry, please don’t give me a parking ticket, I only thought I’d be a half hour!” This man comes out from behind the car, with a crutch (bless his soul), and says, “I don’t give parking tickets, I fix things.”

You can imagine my surprise, when still breathy, I say, “What?” in pure confusion.

“I don’t give parking tickets, I fix things. Didn’t you notice the parking meter was broken when you put money in it.”

He had me there. I did notice. But I didn’t care and had made peace with a parking ticket so I wouldn’t be 30 minutes late to my meeting.

“No, of course I didn’t notice. But I’m SO glad that you aren’t giving me a parking ticket!”

Then he pulled his car away from the back of my car and I went on my merry little Christmas way.

Moral of the story – don’t park where you shouldn’t. And if you do, make sure you have a miracle waiting behind your car with flashing lights who doesn’t give parking tickets, just fixes things.

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  1. Alfred Poon permalink
    December 19, 2011 8:43 am

    Beth Wood was definitely one of my favourite teachers too; took every class she offered in graduate school. Met Dan twice, seemed like a great guy too.

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