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“Iceberg, Royt Ahead” (That’s my Irish accent spelled out!)

January 19, 2012

For those of you who know me well, or even just a little, you’ll know that as a youngster I had a big obsession with all things Titanic. Long before the movie came out, I was learning about the biggest shipwreck in history and daydreaming that my parents would buy me a trip to see the wreckage in a submarine.  (It’s rotting away, you should go now.)

Instead of paying thousands of dollars, my mother bought me a game instead, and I played Titanic: Adventure out of Time like I could have actually saved the sinking ship. (Which, if you’re wondering, you totally can’t, even if you win the game.)

So, I think it’s safe to say I’m a ball of Titanic trivia and can tell you there are plenty of high-ranking officials who fled the scene when the fateful voyage turned into hell on Earth.  Take for example, Bruce Ismay, who spent most of his time on the sinking deck bribing officers to let him on a lifeboat. He essentially gets on the boat, gets some dirty looks I’m sure, and floats away in the half-empty lifesaver. And then there is the captain, who was said to make a multitude of mistakes leading the cruise liner to its demise. I do not understand people, at all.

But that’s not what this is about. What this is about is the fateful voyage of the Italian cruise liner,  Costa Concordia. As I’m sure you’ve heard in the news, the ship ran aground and essentially created a huge hole in the hull, and then it sank.  Of course, not entirely, since they were in pretty shallow waters, but enough to freak everyone aboard out, including the captain.

If you were manning a ship and were in charge of crew, passengers, and staff, what would you do if your ship was sinking? Be a hero and save your passengers, at least saving who you could, or immediately abandon ship? I think I’d try to save who I could. Especially if I were in shallow water, especially if I could swim, and even more especially if I could see land.

Instead, this freak decided he’d just run away.  Not only did he run away, but when ordered by Coast Guard to return to the ship he forced into rocks, he blatantly refused. In fact, that’s a crime. He’s now being held under house arrest for abandonment, negligence, manslaughter, etc. Essentially, he’s being held because he’s a coward. You don’t abandon ship. You be responsible, deal with the consequences.

And this doesn’t just apply to captains abandoning ship, if you do something wrong, screw up in life, act a fool, you’re expected to deal with the consequences, that’s what adults do.  When you don’t act like you should, dealing with the consequences of your actions, then please don’t expect any pity or empathy from me. Life is about choices, and dealing with those choices.  Obviously this captain didn’t read those moral of the story books when he was a kid.

Shipwrecks through History that Drastically Changed Travel


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