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Books, books, and more books

March 5, 2012

It’s always been strange to me, that I have a blog called “Moral of the Story,” I read a ton of books, and I never capitalize on all that book reading by sharing with the class.

I’ve been reading a lot of books recently, and below I’ll share a few. (P.S. Thanks to GrowingUpIndie for reminding me I should also share my books!)

Hope: a novel

This book was actually assigned to me for work (and it’s now a completed campaign) – and I thought at first it was just like any other book. But, after a quick read (it took me only 2 days). The book follows a mother raising a child with profound autism, and the depression she faces in that endeavor. Some phrases to describe this book: my top ten favorite, heart-wrenching, fantastic, quick read, autism awareness, must-read, please read this book now. (You can follow the author on Twitter @2withautism.)

The Emperor of Lies

A book about the Lodz ghetto during WWII. Obviously a wrenching time, (and you know my affinity for wrenching books) this book follows a Jewish man appointed as Chairman of the ghetto, who runs the politics of the ghetto, so much that he’s asked to surrender thousands of Jews monthly for German “work camps” (We all know what that really means). Translated from Polish to English. Phrases to describe this book: way too long, too descriptive, wrenching, gruesome at parts, not a quick read.

World War Z

Basically, a collection of interviews by the author (it is fiction) of citizens, soldiers, politicians, and others about the zombie apocalypse (looking back on the apocalypse). Not done with it yet, but I’m ripping right through it!

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