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Traffic Lights

March 27, 2012

Right outside my office is the intersection of Delegate’s Row and North River Road. This light confuses me for one reason, and one reason only. It’s the people turning left off of Delegate’s Row onto River Road. I’ve drawn a picture below for visual purposes:

Stupid car(s) (because multiple cars do this at once) decide it’s okay to turn left, crossing lanes of traffic, on a green light, when I have my turn signal on, attempting to turn right. This has happened so many times, I’m starting to doubt my knowledge of traffic rules.

I should add there is no green arrow indicating they have the right-of-way first. (But I think I mentioned that already.)

If I remember correctly from Driver’s Ed, of which I paid good money for, persons turning right who aren’t crossing lanes of traffic have the right of way on a green light, where people turning left wait until all cars have passed and the area is clear.

Can someone please clear this up for me? I’ve been flipped the bird, cursed at, screamed at, and totally made to feel like a moron for attempting to turn where I believed I had the right of way. I’ve also done my share of screaming, cursing and yelling at those who’ve turned in front of me here. It isn’t just one car either, the entire waiting line of cars to turn left there (said stupid car above) will turn in front of me before I’ve turned right.

Like I said, it’s happened so many times (at least once a day) I’m starting to feel like I am the moron. Can someone set the record straight? Comments below!

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