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Why I bought a Kindle

March 31, 2012

As an avid reader, I’ve always said I would never purchase or use an e-reader. My reasons were many, but some of the most important ones were:

1) There is something to be said for having a book in your hand.

2) I’m a book-sniffer. While reading, I frequently flip the pages really quickly (like a flip book) that I’m not reading and take a big whiff. You might think that’s strange, but the smell of a book is unlike any other. In fact, they now make candles with this scent.

3) Some e-readers are backlit, I didn’t know enough about them to know they make special screens on some. But, since I read on a computer all day for work, buying something like a Nook Color, or an iPad, just weren’t for me. I’d always said that if I did break down and buy an e-reader, it would be a Kindle.

There were a series of events that caused me to finally break down and buy a Kindle. First, I was reading World War Z, a fiction book posed as a collection of interviews by citizens, politicians, and national security after the zombie apocalypse. It was really good, but I couldn’t finish it before the library due date. I couldn’t renew the book because someone else had it on hold. So I had to return the unfinished book. I was very, very sad.

The second event was related to work. Sometimes, I can’t wait to get a book shipped I need to research on. Then, I have a stack of 15 books I have or need to read because I know nothing about cancer support groups or FCC regulations. My workload suddenly skyrockets and the campaign suffers because I haven’t read enough of the book or haven’t read it at all.

Some of them I can’t put down, and usually those go first, but others, I have to fight through and it would be helpful to have something there all the time I can take with me.

The last event, although not honest and completely horrible, was that I can find tons of these books, online, in the format I need, for free. In fact, while complaining to my boyfriend Nic about not being able to finish a book I dearly loved reading, he took to the web to find me the PDF. (What a great boyfriend, right?) But, as I mentioned above, I hate reading on computers.

I had some extra money laying around, and so I just decided. On a whim. I’m going to buy a Kindle. So I went straight to Amazon, did some research, and bought my Kindle Touch.

kindle, kindle touch, Amazon

And I love it. I haven’t put the thing down since it arrived. I finished World War Z and started right in to The Hunger Games trilogies…which also came from Nic’s scouring the internet. (Like I said, he’s great!)

My obsession with the Kindle has gone so far that Nic even said today that I love my Kindle more than I love him.

…..I can tell you that’s simply not true. Not for a second. And I’ll still buy books, I have too many dreams of having extraordinary library in my home. Bookshelves rule the world.

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  1. March 31, 2012 6:44 pm

    I’m a book sniffer too. And I have a nook but I rarely read on it. I did when I was traveling for eight months but now that I’m home – it’s back to books.

  2. April 3, 2012 2:32 pm

    Dude, I said the EXACT same thing! I was kind of a snob about it too, like, “Um, I’d rather HOLD an actual book and smell the PAGES. Thanks …”

    I like holding a book and see my progress of how far I am into it. And I like worn pages and worn covers that show I’ve read the book several times.

    But, then again, I love my Kindle now and if anyone ever tries to take it from me, I’ll stab them.

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