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How to chase people away

May 29, 2012

So you might be wondering precisely what I mean by chasing people away. This blog isn’t about body odor, I swear. But it is about how to get 12 people away from your designated spot at Moore’s Creek SRA.

Nic decided he was going to take me on a very cute date, so we drove around Lake Monroe until he found the perfect spot.  First we took a canoe to a beach and hung out for an hour or two, talking and staring at the boats as they raced by, giving us the ultimate wave sound. (It was as close to ocean-sounds I could get in Indiana.) After returning the canoe from our romantic little ride, we drove to our final destination. The beach we chose was a somewhat desolate area with rocks for the beach. We chose to camp our stuff on this elevated rock, so it really seemed like we were laying reclined while baking to a golden brown.

Every once in a while, we’d take a break from our adorable conversation and hop into the lake to cool off for a moment. (The cuteness did not stop there.) We literally had the cutest little spot. It was the most beautiful date I think I’ve ever had the chance to experience.

Until the kids came.

There were at least 12 kids who suddenly decided they’d sit right on top of our rock. They had the choice of an entire beach, and they chose to sit so close to us that there was no longer an option to lie and bake on that rock. So we did the only thing we could think to do. We chased them away.

“HOW, Brittani, did you chase them away?”

Well – we ran through a variety of options. While the 12 kids were overtaking our camp, and probably stealing our beer, Nic and I were in the water, debating what kind of crazy we could make up to make them move.

“Brittani, why didn’t you just move your stuff?”

I wasn’t going to give up a perfectly good piece of rock that I had claim to FIRST for some kids. They weren’t going to ruin my date.

Nic and I are going through some ideas, ranging from talking loudly about fetishes to pretending to be criminal gangsters, to other things I simply won’t mention. After finding a ball left over from some kids while returning our canoe, it came to Nic. Nic decided he was going to pretend to be…..a dog.

So he barked a few times and told me to throw the ball so he could catch it in his mouth.

It took all of three times of human-human/dog catch before those kids and their parents quickly got up and moved away. Not only from our location, but from the entire beach.

And that my friends, is how you chase people away.

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