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My Journey to the iPhone

September 15, 2012

I broke down today (figuratively) and purchased an iPhone. I’ve always wanted one, I’ve talked about buying one, and just wanted to wait patiently until my upgrade to finally buy one. If I’d chosen not to wait, I’d have to purchase it at full retail price, which is crazy.

It’s been especially hard the last few days with the new release of the iPhone5, and because I work in a tech startup it’s been the talk of the week and incredibly difficult to listen to day in and out. It brought on a barrage of tweets about why cell phone companies don’t allow you to sign a new 2-year contract when purchasing a new phone, at the national advertised rate, and just keep you longer. It seemed to make great business sense to me to lock people in as long as possible, even if that meant longer than four years. For me, I was extremely willing to sign a new 2-year contract with Sprint if it meant I didn’t have to use my crappy LG Optimus which only let me have 5 apps. (I know, total first world problem.) But back to the point, I see a monetary gain here, and cell phone companies were completely missing it. Why wouldn’t Sprint want to keep me for 2 and 1/2 years versus just 2?

Since my new job affords me a bit more financial “puffiness” I paid my cell phone bill 15 days early to compensate for the end of the month bills I’d have to pay. While I was on the website to pay, I decided to take a look at the iPhone’s features Sprint was advertising all over the website. While there, a pop-up window appeared and the heavenly words read”

Need a new phone, but not eligible for an upgrade? 

“Why YES, Sprint, I AM!”

Participate in our buy-back program and receive the nationally-advertised rate for any new phone we sell.

“What?! Seriously? This is what I’ve been saying ALL along!!!”

Just make an appointment with your nearest Sprint store and meet with a representative today!

“No, I’m going to the store, RIGHT NOW! NIC LET’S GET IN THE CAR PRONTO!”

I waited patiently in the Jiffy Lube while they changed my oil (and didn’t pester me with things my mechanic will fix, thank you Jiffy Lube) while I attempted to play with the phone I hate so much. I was patient. As soon as my car was ready, I hopped in like a crazed addict to the Sprint store, where I proudly announced, frantically, to the service representative that I’d read it was possible to upgrade early if I participated in the recycle program and paid an additional $100. The total cost, from my calculations, was the same as purchasing an iPhone when eligible for my original upgrade in April.

“Yes, that’s exactly the idea, let’s see if your eligible”.

MAGIC WORDS Miss Service Representative. Yes, let’s see if I’m eligible.

She took me to her station and carefully looked up all my information and that’s when the heavens opened up and she announced, “Why yes, you are eligible for the program, and trust me, I used to have that phone, I know how bad you’d like to upgrade.”


She grabbed the iPhone of my choice, (they didn’t have white, but hey, black is better) and came out of the warehouse in back. She had halos and angel dust following her as she came back to the station to check me out.

The total was exactly as I expected, and I left, with magic and glory in my eyes.

I have been playing with my new iPhone all evening, downloading apps and looking at cases. I am in love. (Sorry Nic, I do in fact love you more.)

Sigh! YAY! My phone problems are no more friends. No more. It’s glorious. And I am happy.

The moral of the story? Yes, sometimes material things can bring happiness. But only sometimes. Nic is better.

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  1. February 28, 2013 3:10 pm

    I was one of those people who never wanted an iPhone (too trendy). Then I came home one April afternoon and there was a gift-wrapped box on the kitchen island (a little rolly-TV stand we used as an island, anyway). Inside – a pretty, shiny iPhone, which we also have come to call the magic phone. So in love, even now, almost two years later. I hope you’re still in love with yours. (Not as in love as you are with Nic, obviously, but as much as one can be in love with a phone.)

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