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March 4, 2013

I haven’t been the most awesome blogger the last month, that I will admit. But February has proven to be quite an adventure in my life and it still has yet to come to a close. While I can’t share nearly everything that’s happened I will share some of the best things (who doesn’t like positivity anyway?)

The best news is probably that my dad went in for a check-up and the doctors discovered he’d actually had a heart attack, probably sometime back in August. He called to tell me the news and tell me that he was being sent to a specialist. I have to say in all honesty, I couldn’t decide if I should be very upset with him that he decided to work through a heart attack or if I thought that was plain bad-ass! (I settled with angry but supportive.) He told me he had experienced some odd pains in his chest that were very intense, left him dizzy and made his arm go numb. Concerned that his boss would kick him off the job (he’s in highway construction so there is no room for sickness, and he’s one of the oldest chaps out there) he chose to continue working. Anyone who knows anything about heart attacks knows that if you don’t seek medical treatment right away – your heart tissue essentially dies and is irreparable. We found out that he only had about one third of his heart working.

To make a very long story short, my dad was sent to the very best hospital for heart care, St. Vincent Heart Center. The URL is “bestheartcare” come on now. Anyway, he was transferred there because the one remaining artery not feeding to dead tissue was nearly completely blocked as well, so they gave him a stent. If in a few months he doesn’t feel better, we’ll need to consider more intense solutions. 

He told me he’s feeling great! He’s now seeing a nutritionist and really getting healthy. Maybe he’ll even run that half-marathon with me! (No, just kidding.)

We are just very blessed that he’s home and well. There isn’t anything else we could ask for truthfully.

The second biggest thing that happened in addition to (hopefully) a big move is that I’ve recently discovered my faith again! I have been church shopping with Nic and the kids and I’ve found one we all really enjoy. There are even some of Nic’s co-workers there! 

The best part about it is that I realized I no longer had to live with everything I’d been dealing with the past few weeks. It feels much better to let go and let God do the work. Amazingly enough, giving it to God has proven what it always proves to be, fruitful. He’s blessed my family in such important ways and harvested for us what we’ve spent so much time sowing. God will never forsake you and I’m only sad that it took such a hard fall for me to realize that. Perhaps that was His plan all along!


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  1. getsandy permalink
    March 5, 2013 11:25 am

    I’m so glad for you! Faith is fostered by community, and I believe that church (and groups) is a must in order to grow in your faith.

    They did a mini-worship session at the Chris Tomlin concert Friday and the pastor did the classic “Prodigal Son” story with the message that we all go off on our own and are stubborn and try to achieve things by ourselves. The “I won’t be controlled, I’ll make my own path” or “if I do this, I’ll get this” or “if I only have what she has, I’ll be happy.” It’s SO simple, but we all seem to get caught up in it for some years of our life–not consciously of course, but subconsciously.

    I think it’s only when we make an (active) effort to actually let go and let God lead that things come together. For me, it was all the those things I wanted but never thought I could have…I’m overcome every day now by how exactly when I “gave up” and put all my focus on God everything else came together so seamlessly (and effortlessly! That was the biggest shock). Now I look back at my former self (of even only a year ago) and see all of the emptiness that I ignored, because I thought it was as good as it gets.

    I’m glad to know that I’m not settling now, and that (though I have a habit of preparing myself for disappointment) it’s impossible to be sad anymore. We have something that will never be taken away, will never leave us, will never disappoint.

    I’ll get off my soapbox, but just want you to know that I’m happy for you and proud of you for taking that initiative and first step. I was told once that God is always seeking us, but we have to also open ourselves up and seek Him. When we aren’t seeking Him, His heart is breaking.

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