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I’ve Started Wearing Lipstick

September 13, 2013

When I was younger I thought lipstick looked very fake on my lips. In fact, I refused to wear it. I suppose it was really because I hadn’t found a great shade that worked for me, or the proper formula to make my lips feel soft instead of chalky and dry. But, I’ve started wearing lipstick. I have a few colors I’ve experimented with in recent weeks and I put them on and play around with colors. I put red on today on the way home from work. I felt fiery. I’ve started wearing lipstick.

Stay with me here, there’s a point to this story.

Recently (actually just five minutes ago) someone asked me what I’ve been doing with my life now. Well, it’s hard to pinpoint precisely what it is I do now, without sounding like an old person. I’m sitting on my couch, in my house with a fireplace, watching House Hunters while I update my blog. I drink wine with dinner and help kids with homework. I finish up work before I spend time with my family. I call my parents weekly. And I’m wearing lipstick.  When I thought about the answer to the question all I could think of was everything.

In just two years my life has changed so dramatically it’s very hard to describe to someone I haven’t known for years what it is I’m doing with my life now. Where should I begin with this answer?

There are two children that live at my house. Respectfully I can’t call myself a step-mother, although I do smell a proposal on the horizon, but I do help care for and very much love two beautiful children that are on their way home right now. I live with the love of my life and we have a beautiful home together, complete with dog and a privacy fence. Like I said, I’m sitting on my couch in front of our fireplace.

I have a great job, one that I love so much although it’s only been my job for just a short time. All day long I get to pitch stories, writing crafty emails and press releases with passion. I look at my to-do list and I’m excited about completing each item. Sure – it’s a little stressful come Monday and Tuesday, but there isn’t anything that compares with only doing precisely what you love every day, no matter how busy you are.

In just two years I’ve battled and fought for the things I have now. Although I can’t share those things with you, I can say that it was long, drawn out and well deserved for Nic and I to be where we are now. I’ve come farther than I truly give myself credit for completing.

I’ve found my faith. I found a church I love and an answer in God that I never knew as a child despite growing up in church, religiously. Pun intended.

Today, unlike any other time in my life, I have wonderful friends. I have friends that I know will stick by me, help when I’m down and truly be there. Never before have I had such mutual best friends.

I look at life so much differently than I did even just five years ago. I’m calm, collected and much more grounded than anything anyone has ever known me to be. I worry about bills and about grocery shopping. I  worry about foreign politics and watch the nightly news. I used to make fun of my parents for finding the news interesting.

So when someone asks me really, “What are you doing with your life now,” all that I can say is that I’ve grown up. It’s hard to really describe what it is I’ve been up to because what I’ve been up to is so much. I’m become an adult. I’ve come farther and done more in two years than most people do in five years. I’ve started wearing lipstick.

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