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This is debate in 2013. Which side is scarier?

September 26, 2013

Today a conversation was shared with me that truly, truly bothered me. This conversation has been edited only to remove bias from the messaged relayed to me. Any mention of “I” does not refer to me.

Person A and Person B are the only names I will use.

Without naming any names or pointing any fingers, I wish to divulge this conversation as unbiased as possible but with only one question at the end.

Which person makes you more frightened for your country?



A woman Person A knows posted this parody of Green Eggs and Ham that bashed Obamacare (fine, whatever, hate the law) and before that, she had said that Starbucks banned guns, so Person A commented on the Starbucks comment that it was a request to not open carry in their stores, not a ban and posted the following on the Dr. Seuss thing:

Person A:  As a self-proclaimed democrat and progressive who wrote political cartoons for the far left, Dr. Seuss would have never offered this advice.

So, her husband responded and the following happened… Person A just copied and pasted this to me with “Person A” as him/her and “Person B,” the husband of the profile Person A was commenting on in the beginning. No puncuation or sentences have been changed. Only names have been removed and replaced with Person A or Person B.

Person B:   @Person A,  you do understand that in American politics the word progressive is the same as communist, right???  In keeping with the fact that you are self proclaimed communist, it stands to reason that you don’t like to hear or read the truth. It’s also easy to see that you don’t like guns from previous comments on my wife’s posts so I am wondering why you live in a country that you hate so much???  Instead of destroying the greatest country in the world, why don’t you move to Russia, China, Iran,or any of those countries that have so much going for them

Person A:  First of all, I said Dr. Seuss was a self-proclaimed progressive. As for definitions: A progressive in American politics is defined by a person advocating progress, change, or reform. A communist is a person advocating a classless society in which private ownership has been abolished. Hardly the same. As for guns, I gave the facts: Starbucks didn’t enact a gun ban. If the facts don’t suit your agenda, I apologize. Truth is truth. It seems that you are the ones that don’t like to read it.

Person B:   Getting awfully defensive aren’t we?? It’s amazing you can quote word for word from a dictionary written by progressives/ communists.  And as far as guns are concerned, you and all your communist friends should take a long hard look at reality before you want to completely cripple a nation, guns protect you and everyone else in this country EVERYDAY, and in most cases you weren’t even aware of it.   It is your right to not want or like guns but don’t infringe on my rights to want to bear arms which also keeps YOU SAFE.  If Dr Seuss is a communist then I send him the same invitation to leave this country that I sent to you.

Person A:   I don’t feel that I’m being defensive at all, nor am I trying to snatch your guns away by simply stating that there’s a firm distinction between a ban and a request. And, the dictionary is the dictionary… Not some piece of communist propaganda that’s out to get you. Sadly, your inability to fully read and absorb what I’m trying to articulate is what is tearing our country apart. Instead of communicating by listening and stating facts, you turn to the same overused talking points and tell me to leave because you assume I don’t agree with you. I will say I agree with you on one thing: we’re lucky to live in a country where people can say whatever they want about their government with complete disregard for facts like you do and suffer no repercussions. Annoying as it may be, it’s freedom at work.

Person B:   Wow, that was impressive.  Did that come from the Obama talking points hand book.  What is tearing our country apart is democrat/ liberal, communist ideology.   I use truthful talking points that you communists have yet to recognize is reality. This isn’t fantasyland honey no matter how much you want it to be.   The people and fantasies that you worship are a failed idea over and over again. Since you seem to have the dictionary memorized  why don’t you tell me the definition of insanity???  Of course with it being a communist propaganda piece it probably lists insanity as our constitution, or our bill of rights, maybe a picture of our founding fathers. Better yet, faith in Christianity.  Please tell me what it says genius,  I’m just a stoopid redneck that clings to god and guns

Person A:   Haha. I didn’t say it… I believe the quote goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results,” so I would be insane to continue trying to have a debate with you. Your mind is closed and made up. Ignorance is bliss and arguing with it just won’t work. Sadly, I never said I was anti-anything you believe in. Facts are contradictory to your fundamental beliefs.

Person B:   Person A, I agree with you 100%. I just learned that you went to school for jouralism and that seals your fate, Journalists and especially the MSM are the worst violaters of our constitution. I am sure that at your hack, overpriced university you had to sell your soul to communism and promise to raise up the annointed one at every possible opportunity. How cowardly you democrat/communists are to support and fully back a radical kenyan muslim that his only desire is to destroy the greatest country in the world with his progressive/communist ideals. It is a sad group that doesnt want its citizens to protect themselves and tells the women in this country its ok to murder your unborn children. promises equality to men and women only to supress women behind the scenes( but that is the muslim way isn’t it), allow CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to come into our country and steal identities to obtain jobs, commit violent crimes and be allowed to walk free on our streets to commit the same violent crimes again. allow these same CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS rights to our entitlement system that they have no rights to. guarantee health care coverage to these same CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS under OBAMACARE becuase its a constitutional right to have healthcare, right??? Or maybe next you will call me a racsit even though I have never made mention of it and have just used facts to prove how pathetic your kind is, because thats what your beloved leader has told you I am. If I don’t bow to your ways I must hate him because of his skin color, right??? Maybe im the insane one for trying to reason with a devout communist and make you see that your repeatedly failed ideology is not and has not ever been successful, but then again i was not indoctrinated at one of those fancy George Soros/ Bill Ayers Universities so if you could once again enlighten me to just wjere in the constitution it states that everyone is entitled to (FREE) healthcare. LMFAO over the thought that your worshipping group actually thinks its free. Once again, please use small words so I can better understand

Person A:  The great thing about all of this is that I don’t have to say a word for your true colors to shine. I haven’t said I’m anti or pro anything in this entire conversation. I present facts that don’t line up with what you’ve told yourself is the truth and you decide I’m against you. If the facts are against you, maybe you should reconsider where you stand. I didn’t tell you to bow to anyone or give up anything. You made assumptions. I pity you because it must be exhausting to hate so much and harbor so much unnecessary fear. My guess is that you know nothing about communism or the Muslim faith other than to use the titles as insults. You must put a label on everyone and everything because that’s the only way you can make sense of a world you are so paranoid is out to get you.  I don’t apologize for being educated or liberal or for not judging people based on political affiliation or faith. I do wish I’d never gotten in this conversation because it is very disheartening to see someone like you not only be so hateful but show it proudly, but I still hold out hope that people who feel as you do are few and far between. 
So…. which person makes you more frightened for our country? Person A or Person B?

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